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  • Casey's Shower was really beautiful and that kid is one lucky Lisack! I hope (he/she/it/they) is ready for all the love that's headed their way!

  • SUMMER OF LAUREN PART 2 is underway. You know the first rooftop party is already planned....

  • Other plans for MAY include CUBS, libations, this instax camera that I'm obsessed with, summer jams, I'm thinking about getting a bike, petting other people's dogs, tacos, waking up-getting up- dressing up- and showing up.

  • Launching LAUREN ELIZABETH Bridal is going to happen... eventually... I don't know man, I've been pretty busy.

  • Here's my 2018 playlist so far that's absolutely terrible but I just can't be held accountable for my shitty taste as I get older.

  • I'm so happy these days that it border line grosses me out and I no longer think I can tell people that I am a mix of Cher Horowitz and Wednesday Adams because I'm just Kimmy Schmidt now... all the time. #WhatInTheHamSandwich.

  • These are my favorite new arrivals at Parker James:



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