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I took a trip around the sun and I'm ready for another! Birthdays are NOT my thing but every year you people make me feel seriously loved and cared about on the big day. This year we're going with '34 and THRIVING' as a reminder to.... keep thriving?

In other news: Pink Slip Proms are almost over, Parker James hosted our first benefit (which went very well!), Lauren Elizabeth Bridal is going to open in MAY, I haven't used my kitchen in weeks, I bought one of those instamix cameras from the raffle we had at our benefit and I can't stop with these precious polaroids, I'm working on a wardrobe renovation because my goal for the year is 'Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up... Not in leggings and a sweatshirt,' I haven't lost one pair of glasses this year so far, I've really been enjoying the sun and fresh air on some mandatory AM walks (for my brain and my bod), and I still really love seafood towers. April has been a solid calendar month!



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