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Louis Jude, June 3rd

"What do you MEAN your water just broke?!"

Casey and I agree on a lot of things but months ago when she told me that she and Alex were going to have a baby and that she was going to have a home birth.... I had questions:

"Who will be there? Does Alex have to catch the baby? Who is going to measure and weigh this thing when it's out of you? Do you get a DOULA? Is this like Gilmore Girls when BRUCE told Loralei not to talk to the baby in baby language because you will retard his language because every day it's brain is hardwiring for the rest of his life? What room will this happen in? I don't wanna be in the room where it happens (room where it happens)."

Casey, always calmer than I am, had answers to every question because this b clearly did her research. 9 months of preparing sheets, pillows, tarps, shower curtains, mattress pads and she was READY to deliver this little monster.

"Is Alex on his way home? I'll be RIGHT THERE!" You know, because it was really important that the best friend show up to help lay down the tarp (not).

90 miles an hour on 55, I was convinced I was going to be late and I might have to deliver what was coming around the mountain but it turns out labor is long. Like, really long.

Casey, the very cool patient and mom to be, assured me there was time and that I should chill the ef out. After we laid down the mat and shower curtain, prepared the 'birthing space' (I don't know what you call this thing) Alex downloads the contraction calculator and they're 20 minutes apart.

As a distraction, I tell stories about my favorite people to watch at the gym, the arcade games I played that day and took pictures on my Polaroid camera to send to the child in future years,. To say I had no idea Casey was even having contractions was an understatement... either that or Alex and I had too much fun laughing at the idea of the baby being a 'cork' and when it moves the water (I don't know if it's water, I don't know anything, okay) comes out. I'm still laughing at this. A CORK.

What a whole new world. I'm Aladdin. Like, Casey is about to be a MOM. A mom, to a living, breathing child that is going to rely on her for everything and I'm over here trying to get discount tickets to a New Found Glory show.

I stayed until she needed her rest. Friday and Saturday were filled with what I'm sure were annoying, constant texts to Alex, asking if the babe has shown his little face yet. I confidently already called him a HE because I just knew... well, that and Layla said it was a boy and I learned not to question Layla on this stuff in 1998.

Unfortunately, a 40 hour labor ended C.R.K.B.L. in the hospital which I know couldn't have made her happy. I'm sure a 40 hour labor was not what the Lisack's had in mind for their first clan member but at 5AM I got a text from the new dad that Louis Jude has finally arrived! Already proud of his 'late to the party' attitude, I'm sure Casey is exhausted, but I'm currently psyched about the feistiness of this small human.

And JUNE 3RD? My heart is rejoicing that you arrived on a Sunday (the day I sing OH HAPPY DAY louder than any other day) and on JUNE 3RD, the most famous of all Gilmore References.

So, Louis Jude is now in the world and I hope a lot of great things for him; I hope that he knows his parents are great, great people who know how to value the important things in life like family and friendship. He's lucky to have a very wide network of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who are going to support him and show up when he needs them and he's even luckier to have some guardian angels who are probably smiling and painting new born pictures up in heaven. I hope that he feels love all the time and I hope that the world is fun and free for him for as long as possible. Louis Jude should know that I plan to spoil him and bring over all the toys that his parent's aren't going to allow him to have... and when he's in high school, and needs someone to buy beer for him and his friends, that they'll drink in the garage, and eventually get caught because they won't be smart enough to hide the evidence, I will be that person. I hope that everyone around him always encourages the best, but a little deviant, behavior. Judging by his parents, I know he'll be a person who works hard and always puts his best foot forward when it comes to getting jobs and tasks completed. I hope no matter what he's doing he always finds a way to make it fun.

I hope he loves his little heart out and grows up to be as special as his wonderful family. And I wish he is part Cubs fan and wants to read comics because I'm selfish.

Congratulations to my BFFs. May LINK guide you on your quest as you embark on this magnificent journey <3

(It's a Zelda reference, chill.)



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