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The first luxury item I ever purchased were a pair of $400 shoes.

I saw this ad in Vogue with a girl on a ladder, hanging some polka dotted decor, and she was wearing these ballet flats with a huge, giant square of Swarovski crystals on the top, up by the toes.

I vividly remember reading this magazine in some art history class I was taking that was so insanely boring I had to pump myself up with sugar, candy, magazines, sudoku and word finds just to get through that grueling 2 hours.

Shopping on the internet wasn't really a thing in 2005 so after class I went directly to Kate Spade and pointed to the picture in the magazine and said "I want these."

Wait lists were new to me... which was awesome because I had to figure out how I was going to pay for these things. The associate told me they'd arrive in 3 weeks. I took every single shift that Ann Taylor Loft (can you believe I worked there?) had to offer and I saved every penny to buy those shoes.

I wore those shoes everywhere. I felt like I was the queen of the goddamn world in those shoes. I wore them until the sides were so dirty and the leather was worn out, the crystals fell off and the heels were virtually non-existent.

I still have them in the closet at my parent's house because those shoes were the first thing that I ever remember really working hard for and because I remember feeling magical as hell when I wore those suckers. They taught how good it felt to achieve a goal... you might even say that buying those shoes changed the way I looked what I thought I could accomplish and how I would feel when I made myself proud.

I definitely don't want my time on the internet to become a series of posts about why you need to take care of yourself mentally but I just can't think of any other platform that's closer, or more important, to my every day life.

Kate Spade was an inspiration to those of us who loved the vibrant, colorful life that her brand created. Always my aesthetic, her love for pink, polka dots, patterns and class was brave and always executed flawlessly. Her talent on earth will be missed and she'll always hold a special little place in my sequined heart.

Please know that I am always available to help if you feel that you are struggling with demons bigger than yourself. Call your congress people and ask for better mental health care coverage and buy yourself the shoes because you're worth it. <3



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