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If These Walls Could Talk...

...they would thank me for how fresh they're looking!

I'm usually all action but my condo has been a 'big talk' project with zero follow through- until now! Step One: finally pick a color that I could live with on these scuffed up walls. I know you'll be SUPER surprised here but I went with the lightest shade of pink that Behr had to offer. The blushiest of the blush... it's subtle, very pretty and has inspired me to continue to work on the rest of this big project.

Now that the walls are done I'm moving on to the light fixtures. These are on the 'maybe' list. Which do you like best for hall way fixtures?

And I'm thinking of this beaut as the big fixture....

I've made a goal to tackle one project a month. January Paint Job: CHECK.

February LIGHTS, here I come!

I hope you crushed all of your January goals! On to month 2!



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