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Staying true to who I am as a person, I've done little in the first 17 days of the month that has not been work related. The 'balance' part of work-life balance is a beam that I have yet to conquer. As I try to Liz Lemon the year and 'HAVE IT ALL!' I find that I'm already, maybe, burning myself out on everything I'm trying to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

My work has always been good to me in the way that I can see direct results based on how much effort I put forth into my current projects. The payoff, and the quick return, is the closest I can relate to any kind of addiction. For me, the bigger the return on the investment the more I try to invest. Maybe not the best recipe for success but the best way to keep my anxiety-drenched mind busy during the low serotonin-seasons.

After 10 years you really hope that you have your footing... and I think I can finally, and confidently, say that I've learned to be better at rolling with the punches of such a fickle field of work. The stress is still present, but it's different. It consumes me some days and it leaves me completely alone on others... it pulls me apart at night and it motivates me to get up in the morning. It's a bad friend who you can't shake, the lingering last stages of a summer cold that won't disappear.... nagging, annoying and unnecessary.

Although I feel this post might be coming off melancholy or mundane, I'm VERY proud of what I've put out in the first 17 days of what I hope is a lighter year. My staff is stronger than ever, our products are beautiful, and our service is something that I am incredibly proud of. I vow to spend the rest of the month finding the balance.

In other news: I'm 4 books into my 52 book challenge, I lost every fitbit step challenge that I've participated in and my package room thinks I'm a shut-in based on the amount of Amazon Prime boxes I've received in the past 2 weeks. Personally, I think I'm crushing it.

May the rest of your week shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.



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