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When I add content here, I usually try to have a solid point about what I'd like to write about but... this is just going to be a big ole' mess of thoughts. I've been packing my days with such a great balance of work, fun and friends... but I am noticing it's getting harder to remember where/when/what I've been up to! So here's what's going on in my skull right now:


Lil' Tuna tied the knot! (Why did that nickname stick?) On March 9th I was lucky to be the maid of honor to my sister as she celebrated her marriage to Michael. Avoiding all P!ATD references, I will say 'what a beautiful wedding' - the church was gorgeous (St. Michael's in Old Town), the Ivy Room was stunning, Lainie and Michael both looked beautiful and handsome, nobody fought, my dad's speech was 16:05, Michael's family is my forever favorite and Carly and I gave a speech that went over better than expected which is all I could hope for.

I've been in weddings before and I've witnessed my friends getting married, but it's much different when it's your sister. The smile on Lainie's face never left once throughout the day. I was overwhelmed by my feelings (big surprise) throughout the entire weekend and I hope to always hold on to the pure joy I felt and sincere happiness for L+M. My heart is literally exploding with gladness. That wedding has put a real pep in my step and I hope I brought value to the experience for the happy couple. 10/10, would do it again.


If LIZ LEMON could see me now! I've finally gotten to a place where I DO NOT feel guilty if plans override my work life. You might have seen/read that I have been setting monthly goals to take specific days off or make sure to complete certain life experiences and that's exactly what I've been doing. I've found that lists really do work for me and I'm 90% more likely to get something done if it's written down.

What a difference a non-workday makes. With this new balance, I find that my time at work is much more productive, I'm very focused. I know what needs to get done and I make it happen. If only I had listened to everyone who suggested this years ago...sorry, guys!


I have made every excuse in the book to spend as much time as I can with Louis! What. An. Angel. I never knew that I could be so obsessed with a child who I had absolutely nothing to do with, but he is actual sunshine and pure happiness and I can't get enough of his little laugh and his magnetic personality. Daily, I show people pictures and videos of this little youngster and it might be the most extra thing I've ever done but now I totally understand why people want to talk about their kids all the time. (I'm V much aware he is not my kid, thanks). I love him with the power of one million paw patrols. (Is that how you would use that in a sentence?)


I cut the shit out of my hair and I feel free! I had a concussion in February (good news, I lived). I highly reccomend the T-Shirt Deli for your custom printed t-shirt needs. Experienced Milkshakes on two occassions from Jo Jos Milk Bar that opened right by my house. I got my first spray tan ever and now I'm going to turn into one of those people who feel the need to glow all the time and I will not apologize. Recently had the macaroni salad at Green Street Meats and remembered it's a good time to be alive, what a spiritual experience those noodles are. Also visited Astor Hall. Found an insane deal on a new purse that was much needed as my last bag made it through 4 long years of abuse. Learned how to work DO NOT DISTURB on my phone and set some 'when I will and will not' use my phone rules.... and I'm sure a lot of other things but this is what stuck.

So, although this really had no point and was maybe a little unfocused, it's what's going on and what I'm living with. Always available if you need anything from me, just let a girl know. Living for 7am - 7pm sun right now. Have a beautiful day!



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