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2019: 1 / 12

Let us remember the JANUARY goals:

So... I guess let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start):

20 WORKOUTS: BIG FAT FAIL. I should have been more realistic when it came to this goal knowing how January is for me. There are a few months out of my year when things are definitely crazier than they usually are and January is one of them. So, I didn't even keep REAL track of how many 5,6,7,8s I did in my dance class, or how many pounds I lifted in BODYPUMP, but I went; I could have done better. Counting this as a FAIL.

10LBS: Here's the best news, I lost 7 of the 10 pounds I hoped to lose in January. Now, I know that we have 2 days left and I've been back and forth between the same pound for the last week and a half (so maybe we can call it 8) but I'm good with 7 (or 8). I didn't have to turn down one ice cream churro or taco, I just made sure I was keeping a side on everything that entered my bod. Also, I'm not being insane about this. It's a goal to continue to treat my body well in 2019 but small steps to big goals, man. I am counting this as a WIN.

8 Full Days Of Work: HELL YEAH I TOOK 8 DAYS OFF OF WORK! Now, I don't want to lie to you, dear fictional reader who probably doesn't care about this, I did spend some of the 8 days working from home, or from somewhere, but I wasn't physically at work 8 days out of the month which is a huge, HUGE WIN for me. I've got to tell you, time away from the stores, even when working from another location, has really helped me see clearly and plan for what's next (because I've got something in the works and on the horizon. I'm excited and happy about it and can't wait to share... eventually).


3 Books: I don't know when I became this person who was too busy to read.... I actually think that I became the person who is too busy watching Netflix... so maybe I'm rotting my brain but every FYRE festival documentary was worth it. So, literary things I consumed this month consisted of BATGIRL comics, "GIRL, Wash Your Face" and "Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine"... maybe in February I'll try harder. Still counting this as a WIN.

2 Adventures: Because my Jan was swamped, my 2 new places for the month consisted of restaurants! It's the best I could do with everything I was balancing but it's a win. Enjoyed my tacos and churro ice cream cone and BODEGA and LOVED the uptown hotspot LOST LARSON in Andersonville.

Let's talk about Lost Larson for a hot min: breads, pastries and coffee, OH MY. Not only was this joint visually stunning, the food matched the experience, 100%. Everything was fresh, delicious and the environment was warm and welcoming. The icing on the cinnamon roll was a run in with my high school friend, Stephanie, whose husband's brother owns the space. I loved meeting her little angel baby, Wren and I also totally insta-stalk Stephanie because she keeps me updated on what's good in the food scene. Definitely try this place, ASAP! WIN!

1 Christmas Credit Card Down: To be fair, the balance was so low so this was a shoe in and I feel like it wasn't even a good goal since it was basically dunzo before we were even getting into the thick of the month. WIN

THE PURGE: Ummm... yeah, so this is going to take longer than I thought. As a self proclaimed minimalist I truly didn't think I had a lot of stuff... but as I started POSHMARKING all of my old designer items, I realized this takes a minute. So, I didn't fail, but I didn't succeed. Consider this a continuing mission.

WHAT'S UP DOC: When you get to my level of mental instability you need specialists... the thing about specialists is that they pass you off to other specialists and those specialists have waiting lists that are months long. MONTHS. Progress was made but we're going to have to check back in on this in MARCH when I see whoever this person is who is going to fairy Godmother my brain back to life... EXCEPT...

I've got to tell you; the balance I've struck has really helped me mentally. I've felt fine this entire month. Between work, goals, friends, partying, adventures, whatever I've been doing, the January sads never hit me. Let's stay in that lane for now, okurrrr? WIN! WIN! WIN!

MENTOR/MENTEE: The win? I was able to meet with two people who I felt I got to help this month. Between ideas and knowledge bombs, I hope that these people who I met with felt that I helped them or at least gave them insight into other sides of what they're doing. It was motivational and informative for me as these gals taught me a LOT about themselves and I'm psyched for what they're doing.

Finding a mentor is proving to be a little more difficult. I've reached out to a lot of people who are interested in what I've got going on but no one feels that they 'know my realm' - which basically means, my biz might be out of their wheel house and I appreciate the honesty. If any one of you fictional readers knows anyone who is GREAT in business and has over 15 years experience, i'm here and ready to learn. Reach a girl by email or DMs. K, THX. WIN/LOSE.

This is getting text heavy so let's end it at this: January was a WIN for me overall and I'm giving myself 2 days to make more realistic goals for February because follow through is going to be my thing in 2019.




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