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2017: All Together Now!

It was a year.

The Year Paramore's 'After Laughter' Was EVERYTHING.

Start to finish this album had legs that carried me through the entire year. A song for every mood, a feeling for every happy, horrible, hard day.

The Year DJ Khaled Snuggled Himself Into The Smallest Corners Of My Punk Rock Heart.

He doesn't proclaim WE DA BEST MUSIC for nothing. "I'm The One" was the jam MOST impossible for me for me to get over this year. Like a dryer sheet stuck to the back of my pants that nobody told me about, this guy's hits were bouncing around my skull since I first heard 'em... and carried themselves right into 2018. All he does is win, win, win... no matter what.

The Year I Found Out That I Don't Hate Fleetwood Mac.

This might be a lie. I should have claimed it was the year I found some Fleetwood Mac covers that I enjoyed more than the originals.... except for Everywhere. Where or when this song crept into my periphery, one can't be sure... but we can be sure that it was my most played commuter anthem and the song that reminded me most that my disdain for all the morons floating around this universe does not outweigh how happy I am when I see humans that I love and want to be with... everywhere!

The Year I Still Loved Sweet Soul Music.

This shouldn't surprise you. My love for heartfelt songs in major keys with messages as simple as 'Make Me Yours' will forever hold the top of the pops in my heart eyes. These ditties were my most played golden oldies of the year.

It Was The Year That I Listened To Børns Every Single Day.

I don't know what it is about this skinny-little-curly-haired-twenty-something that gets my heart a flutter and my toes-a-tapping but last year I committed to 'Past Lives' like a regular Sunday church goer and this year I loved 'Faded Heart' so intensely that even Spotify, AN APP, took notice. To recap: a computer application noticed I listened to a song so many times that my entire life became ads and graphic billboards for Børns. Technology, man.

The Year Broadway Became More Than The Hamilton Soundtrack.

I'm never going to apologize for being a Broadway baby.

Here are the two songs that made my morning shower louder than usual.

The Year The 70s Was A Time Period I Decided To Recognize.

Maybe it was the passing of Tom Petty but "Here Comes My Girl" opened a Pandora's box of classic rock hits that ear wormed their way into my cranium- MOST NOTED: The HEART catalog and BARRACUDA. My most sincere apologies to all of my employees who had to listen to this particular playlist on repeat.

And The Year That I Gave Indie Rock A Little Bit Of A Break...Except For A Few Tunes On The Following Playlist:


Thanks to my Pal-face Patrick who recently posted his year end recap that reminded me to write more, read more, and listen more.

Happy 2018, cutefaces!



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